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Smart Casual

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Smart casual is by no means black tie, so it doesn't have to be too formal. However, you do make sure you look groomed. A nice dark tailored suit is a safe choice. Or combine a blazer with neat pants. Just make sure the colors match.

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A white or light-colored shirt is preferred, possibly with a tie or bow tie. Provide a sophisticated look that you pay attention to. The smart casual dress code is not too strict, but it requires beautiful materials and colors that coordinate well. Pair a blazer in (dark) blue or (dark) green with light pants in summer. Choose a darker shade for pants in the winter months.

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Choose a simple color scheme. Does the suit have a subtle print? Then choose a plain shirt. Keep it simple and elegant, for a look with class. Wear accessories in moderation. Choose one eye-catching accessory, such as a unique watch or an eye-catching tie. Pay close attention to fit and "fit. It is very important that your outfit fits well. Even the finest suit will disappoint if the measurements are wrong. Last but not least, make sure you have neat shoes. Wear nice and well-polished shoes. They can make or break your outfit.

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Are you wearing a plain suit or blazer? Choose a striped shirt in a light shade to add more elegance to your look.

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