Fair production


Fair production in our own European factory in North Macedonia

We are proud of the fair and in-house production at the factory in North Macedonia. For this we follow the procedure of Amfori-BSCI, an international quality mark for fair production. We therefore rule out child labor, long working days, low wages and unsafe working conditions.

25 years of intensive collaboration

In 1995 the production facility became the property of Van Winkel Fashion. The first privatization in North Macedonia. As a shirt specialist, we have been producing men's shirts in this factory for over 40 years. Quality is guaranteed through daily contact and guidance from our own logistics company. Careful planning of activities ensures a constant flow of orders and employment.

150 Satisfied employees as of 01.01.2021.

On average, the employees have been employed for 8 years. The average age is 43 years. The youngest employee is 20 years old vs the oldest 62 years old.

6.5 hours working days

They work six days a week in a shift of 6.5 hours with a half-hour break. Training courses are offered to give employees the opportunity to develop further. The factory works under fair conditions with a competitive salary for the employees. Employees have the option of joining a trade union.

John Miller offers a safe, stable and healthy workplace where norms and values are important. Every year, investments are made in the machinery to keep it modern and safe. In addition to our own checks, the Macedonian government regularly carries out mandatory checks to ensure the safety of employees.

Fair production, craftsmanship and quality are important pillars for John Miller.

John Miller cares!

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