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Contemporary collars

A shirt is not complete without a collar, which is why the collar is the basic element for character and style. It is not just a functional element but a statement that can change your whole look. One collar is good for a casual look, the other more formal, you will find a suitable collar for every occasion, personal choice or lifestyle.

John Miller offers a wide variety of contemporary collars. Fixed ribs in the John Miller cuffs always ensure a stylish collar, with beautiful collar points. Read more on this page about the most common men's shirt collars.

Boordstijlen cutaway


The cutaway collar is a stylish, fashionable collar where the collar top is cut away at an angle to the back. When worn with a tie, this collar provides more space so your tie is more visible.

A cutaway collar can be worn both formally and informally. As a result, the popularity of the cutaway collar has increased significantly in recent years. The perfect collar for men looking for a contemporary, sophisticated style.

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Boordstijlen wide spread

Wide Spread

The tips of the wide spread collar are cut straight and run a little wider. The wide spread collar is one of the most popular collar styles in menswear. This collar gives your outfit the perfect balance of traditional allure and modern flair.

Whatever the occasion, the semi spread collar always adds a touch of class to your outfit.

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Boordstijlen semi spread

Semi Spread

The semi spread collar is also called the classic collar. The straight points of the collar run fairly straight to the front.

The semi spread collar is an icon among collars and has stood the test of time and still has a prominent place in the wardrobe of many style-conscious men.

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Boordstijlen button down

Button Down

The buttons on a button down collar serve to keep the points of collar in place.

The button down collar has its origins in the American Ivy League style and first became popular in the early 20th century. A button down collar has an informal and sporty character and is therefore often combined with a short sleeve.

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Boordstijlen wing

Wing collar

With a wing collar, also known as a butterfly collar, only two tip collars are visible at the front, creating a "wing-like" shape.

The wing collar is worn under a tuxedo and is therefore the perfect collar for a formal occasion such as a gala dinner, wedding or black-tie event.

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Boordstijlen schiller

Schiller collar

A shirt with Schiller collar, also called a one piece collar, is a shirt where the shirt and collar are cut from one piece of fabric. This creates a beautiful whole where the collar stays open nicely throughout the day. This gives the shirt a unique look.

This modern collar, which is seen more and more, has its origins in the 18th century when Friedrich Schiller wore such collars. This collar style is therefore named after him. Discover shirts with a Schiller collar