John Miller World

The John Miller world, a world of enjoying all that life has to offer.
Special architecture, beautiful art, sports activities, dining with family and friends, fantastic trips and beautiful cars.
The John Miller world is also a conscious world, consciousness in relation to the world around us.
The John Miller man exudes confidence and class. The choice of clothing underlines that class at every dressing moment.
Clothing for a business purpose, for leisure activities. A stylish shirt for every moment.

JM World NJ22


For the autumn/winter collection 2022 the John Miller design team has been inspired by all aspects of the “dream house”. Our home is one of the most important aspect of our lives. More than ever it has become an extension of ourselves. The way we design our homes has a big influence on the human psyche, as the way of dressing has. The overall theme for this season is Effortless Elegance. In this collection the John Miller design team has embodied the essence of the dream house. Split up in four chapters, designed to come together as one. Focussed on style comfort and feeling well.

JM World NJ222
JM World NJ223

John Miller SS22

Van der gang watches

Van der gang watches:
stylish and timeless

Balance in motion - this is what makes a watch a Van der Gang. It is the combination of beauty, fine craftsmanship and functionality that tells our story.

We love to compliment the John Miller shirts with a beautiful Van der Gang watch. The perfect combination of style and class!

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Stijlgids formeel

Porsche Centrum Gelderland

For the photo shoot of the new summer collection, we entered into a collaboration with Porsche Centrum Gelderland. At Porsche Centrum Gelderland you will find a wide range of boyhood dreams; from the first Porsche 356 to the current model Porsche 911, Cayenne, Panamera, Cayman, Boxster, Macan and Taycan. In addition to sales and maintenance of the latest models, we also have extensive experience in the field of classics. Since 2015, Porsche Classic Center Gelderland has been the first official Classic Center in the world.

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Auto noordkaap1

Ride for a good cause

From 3 to 15 December 2021, Marcel and Paul Roetgering participated in the Noordkaap Challenge on behalf of the Roetgerink Foundation. This was partly made possible by John Miller. With this participation, Marcel and Paul have raised as much money as possible for charity.

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Henri schut

Our ambassadors

Of course, the top quality of John Miller shirts is also noticed by stylists! We are regularly approached with the question whether we want to dress celebrities. In collaboration with the stylists of Stijlburo, we dress, among others, NOS Studio Europa presenter Henry Schut and presenter Twan Huys of the College Tour program.

John Miller AW21

John Miller SS21