John Miller offers shirts with three different sleeve lengths: long sleeve, extra long sleeve and short sleeve.

To determine which sleeve length is most suitable, we recommend the following: the cuff should fall on the kink of the wrist and hand. When you wear a shirt in combination with a suit or jacket, the cuff of the shirt should always be one to two centimeters below the jacket.

Long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve shirts: SLEEVE LENGHT 5

With a John Miller shirt you are assured of a comfortable shirt that fits well and is easy to maintain. The correct sleeve length is very important when choosing a shirt.

John Miller shirts with long sleeves have a standard sleeve length of 5. This means that the length of the sleeve is between 67 and 70 cm, measured from the shoulder and depending on the corresponding fit.

Long sleeves shirts
Shirts with extra long sleeves

Shirts with extra long sleeves; SLEEVE LENGHT 7

Men with long arms can opt for a shirt with extra long sleeves. A shirt with sleeve length 7 has seven centimeters longer sleeves than the standard sleeve length 5. The length of the sleeve is then between 73 and 76 centimeters, measured from the shoulder.

The shirt length of the shirts with extra sleeve length is also extended for more wearing comfort. Depending on the chosen fit and collar, the shirt length varies between 86 and 97 cm.

Extra long sleeves shirts


If you are not comfortable wearing long sleeves under your blazer, a short-sleeved business shirt can offer you more comfort.

John Miller also offers short sleeve shirts and polo shirts for spring and summer. These are ideal for warm, more casual days.

Short sleeves shirts
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