History John Miller


In 1989, family business Van Winkel Fashion, shirt specialist since 1949, introduced the John Miller brand, which stands for luxurious shirts.

John Miller combines high-quality fabrics and a perfect fit with high wearing comfort to create a stylish look.
We are proud of the wonderful qualities we deliver. With attention to the origin of the raw materials and sustainable processing, John Miller selects refined fabrics for each collection.

Historically, John Miller has convincingly opted for its own, honest European production. The 150 employees in our European factories work under strict health and safety standards. In short, shirt maker John Miller guarantees quality and craftsmanship!

The John Miller brand originated from the Van Winkel Fashion label Cotonissimo. This label guaranteed luxurious shirts made from 100% pure cotton fabrics, supplied by European fabric suppliers. In 1989 the John Miller name was introduced with the addition of 'Original Cotonissimo'. In the spring of 1995 the addition was dropped and the brand name became John Miller.John Miller offers consumers quality and reliability in combination with innovation and service.

When you think of John Miller, you think of luxurious and stylish shirts.. Breathable and comfortable fabrics keep you looking flawless and stylish all day long. A correct fit is absolutely necessary for this!

John Miller offers different fit options, view the options here.