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For all those moments when you dress with formal class, a business (online) appointment or a festive occasion.
A perfectly fitting shirt with just the right look, in which you appear confidently, completes this dressing moment.
Two ply overhemd stijlgids

Business shirts

John Miller has a wide range of business shirts in its collection. You will find business shirts in two ply quality, brilliant white shirts or stylish blue business shirts that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

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Shirts with extra long sleeves

Under a suit

John Miller has many business shirts that can be worn perfectly under your suit. Blue shirts always look good under a nice suit, white shirts too. A variety of collars are available, you can choose from cutaway collars, button down collars, semi spread collars and wide spread collars, among others. Choice is also available in single or double cuff.

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Choose your style!

Check out the other style types and find out which style suits you best!