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For men looking for a comfortable and stylish shirt, we have the solution; stretch shirts. These stretch shirts live up to their name because they are made with elastane. Therefore, they are not only very comfortable, they are also stylish and make you look good. With Ledûb's stretch men's shirts, comfort and a great fit are paramount! Consider fabric qualities such as Hyperstretch, tricot, jersey or cotton with elastane. Thanks to the stretchiness of the fabric, you enjoy your freedom of movement and the shirt fits nicely. John Miller stretch shirts are available in various fits, colors and designs.

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Stretch shirts

Stretch shirts are unmissable in today's fashion scene! These super comfortable men's shirts are ideal for both business and informal casual wear. Besides being comfortable to wear, these shirts are easy to maintain. These ideal stretch shirts fit nicely to your body without restricting your freedom of movement. All stretch men's shirts are made in a quality mainly containing cotton, so in addition to freedom of movement you also have breathable comfort.

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Tricot shirt

Knitted jersey shirts

John Miller also offers a wide range of stretch shirts made from 100% cotton. These shirts are manufactured in knitted jersey. John Miller's knitted jersey shirts perfectly match the comfort trend in menswear. Because the fabric here is knitted instead of woven, it creates elasticity in the fabric. The ultimate choice if you like airy comfort.

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Hyperstretch shirt

Experience the comfort of hyperstretch!

This extremely comfortable fabric quality is an Italian manufacture from a family business that has been knitting top quality fabrics for over 70 years. This Italian fabric is then processed in our own European manufacturing facility into stylish shirts and polo shirts that are one of the most beloved items in the John Miller collection!

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