Sustainable fabrics

John Miller pays attention to sustainability. By consciously choosing sustainable fabric qualities, we contribute to a better world. Read more about the sustainable raw materials we use at John Miller here.

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Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides or other harmful substances and requires 62% less energy and 91% less water consumption than conventional cotton. The plants are not genetically modified and the soil on which it is grown is free of toxins. In addition, this soil is given time to recover between harvests. This ensures better soil condition, less greenhouse gas emissions, greater biodiversity and better health for the cotton growers. In short, it's better for you, the farmers and for our planet!

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The Better Cotton Initiative

All of our cotton, organic or recycled, comes from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This is a non-profit organization that teaches cotton farmers to use water efficiently and reduce the use of harmful chemicals while respecting workers' rights. By purchasing cotton through BCI, we support this global initiative.

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Lyocell is relatively new within the fashion industry and is a naturally based man-made fiber. This means that the fiber is man-made from natural material. The fabric lyocell is made from wood chips from the eucalyptus tree, among others. From wood pulp, yarns are spun and then fabrics are woven. Therefore, it is one of the most environmentally friendly qualities of our time. This beautiful fiber has the luxurious look of silk, is as strong as polyester and absorbs moisture even better than cotton!

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Linen is a durable, natural material made from the flax plant. Flax can be grown and harvested in Europe, closer to our production facilities. The plant requires less water and no pesticides and can therefore be produced in a more sustainable way. With linen, you are also investing in a better quality product because it is a strong fiber that lasts longer. Moreover, it is breathable, making it a wonderful material for warmer weather.