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Contemporary collars

A shirt is not complete without a collar, which is why the collar is the basic element for character and style. One collar is good for a casual look, the other more formal, you will find a suitable collar for every occasion, personal choice or lifestyle.

John Miller offers a wide variety of contemporary collars. Fixed ribs in the John Miller cuffs always ensure a stylish collar, with beautiful collar points. Read more on this page about the most common men's shirt collars.

Boordstijlen cutaway


The cutaway collar is a stylish collar of which the points are cut away towards the back.

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Boordstijlen wide spread

Wide Spread

The points of the wide spread collar are straight and are cut somewhat wider apart.

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Boordstijlen semi spread

Semi Spread

The semi-spread collar is also known as the classic collar. The points fall almost straight down.

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Boordstijlen button down

Button Down

The buttons on a button-down collar are there to keep the collar points in the right place. The button-down shirt was originally a casual and sporty shirt.

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Boordstijlen wing

Wing collar

A wing collar (also known as a butterfly or parricide collar) has two collar points that are only visible in the front.

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Boordstijlen schiller

Schiller collar

A shirt with a Schiller collar, also known as a one-piece collar, is a shirt in which the shirt and collar are cut from one piece of fabric. The hem is not sewn on separately.

Because the collar and shirt are made in one piece, the shirt becomes a flowing whole and the collar is nicely open. A unique collar type.
Schiller boord