Contemporary collars

John Miller offers a wide variety of contemporary collars. Fixed ribs in the John Miller collars always ensure a stylish collar, with beautiful collar points.
NJ21 semi spread 400x200

Semi Spread

The semi-spread collar is also known as the classic collar. The points fall almost straight down.
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NJ21 wide spread 400x200

Wide Spread

The points of the wide spread collar are straight and are cut somewhat wider apart.
NJ21 cutaway 400x200


The cutaway collar is a stylish collar of which the points are cut away towards the back.
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NJ21 button down 400x200

Button Down

The buttons on a button-down collar are there to keep the collar points in the right place. The button-down shirt was originally a casual and sporty shirt.
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NJ21 wing 400x200

Wing collar

A wing collar (also known as a butterfly or parricide collar) has two collar points that are only visible in the front.
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