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Sustainable shaving !

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Safety razors are an effective way to reduce plastic in your bathroom. Not only do they look incredibly stylish, they also save you money! The smallr razor blades that you put in a safety razor are many times cheaper than the plastic disposable that you have to buy again and again. You can also recycle these small blades.

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Blokzeep believes that personal care in the bathroom can and must be more environmentally friendly! Every year, 135 tons of plastic is used worldwide for shampoo bottles, not to mention the plastic bottles of shampoo, shower gel and shaving soap. The vast majority of this ends up in the rubbish heap, or worse, in the sea, where it continues to roam for years. In addition, a bottle of shampoo an average of 80% water. All that water is shipped all over the world to countless bathrooms in the Netherlands.

We think this can be done better. The solution? Blokzeep!
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In addition to the safety razor and the jute carry-on bag, this shaving set is distinguished by the addition of a solid shavig soap - 100% natural. This is made of a base of olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil. Castor oil and French green clay have been added to this, along with Sandalwood oil and May Chang oil.

With this complete set you are ready to shave sustainably! The sustainable safety razor set from Blokzeep with bamboo handle also includes a handy jute bag, solid shaving soap and 5 derby razors. No more disposable plastic blades!