John Miller tuxedo shirts

Celebrate the upcoming holidays in style with a John Miller tuxedo shirt.

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Perfect tuxedo shirt!

For a formal affair, dress chicly and stylishly in a tuxedo. This is a must for a Black-Tie party or gala (dinner). Here, a beautiful tuxedo shirt should definitely not be missing. Classic and timeless is a tuxedo shirt with a butterfly collar, hidden button closure and double cuff. Complete your outfit with a bow tie and a pair of fantastic cufflinks and your Black-Tie look is all set!

For a contemporary look, John Miller also offers tuxedo shirts with a semi-spread collar. Choose what suits you best!

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Blind closure

With a tuxedo shirt a bow tie is worn instead of a tie. Because of this, the buttons of the shirt are visible. Because this is not desirable for a tuxedo look, all John Miller tuxedo shirts have a hidden button closure, also called a blind closure.

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Double cuff

In addition to a hidden button closure, a double cuff is a must for a tuxedo shirt. John Miller tuxedo shirts are therefore always executed with a double cuff that are styled with a set of fine mother-of-pearl buttons, as is traditional. Of course, it's also great to give your outfit a personal/fun touch with your own cufflinks.

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Tuxedo look

A butterfly collar, concealed button closure, double cuff and a butterfly tie. The only thing missing is a pair of nice shoes. Complete your outfit with a pair of black patent leather shoes and you're ready to party!