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The perfect wedding shirt

You want to look perfect on this most beautiful day of your life. Not only for your guests, but also for your bride! You will certainly succeed with the following tips.

Make sure your wedding shirt fits and feels comfortable

It is important that your wedding suit and wedding shirt fit perfectly. Get advice from a specialist men's fashion store.In this store they will measure your sizes and choose a wedding suit and shirt that fits well with you. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable. It is important on this day that you feel comfortable, you will radiate this automatically. John Miller offers wedding shirts in the perfect off-white or white color to match your upcoming wedding dress. Of course you can choose from different sizes, fits and fabric qualities. Do you really want something unique? Then have a custom wedding shirt made and design your own shirt together with an employee of a John Miller point of sale.

Pay attention to the details, they complete your outfit

Your wedding shoes are very important. Look for suitable shoes. Don't forget to walk in your wedding shoes! Choose socks in the color of your wedding suit or choose socks in a specific color theme if you want to make them stand out. You can also reflect the color theme in a contrast processing in your shirt or in your tie, suspenders or laces.
Of course you can also finish your custom wedding shirt with special details! Think of an embroidery of your and your future's initials or an embroidery of 'Just Married' on the inside of your collar. Tight in the suit during the day, collar up in the evening so that you can see this nice detail!

Final tip: invest in an extra shirt

Your wedding is an exciting day. Despite the fact that John Miller shirts are known for their breathable fabrics, you will be happy if you can change during the day. Invest in an extra shirt so that you can switch shirts during the day. This way you will appear fresh again at the evening party!

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