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The overshirt is the perfect mix of a jacket and a shirt; sturdy, practical and endlessly combinable. It is therefore an ideal item to complete your wardrobe.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the overshirt was first worn as a fashionable streetwear garment. However, this item has its origins in the military as part of the uniform. Now the overshirt is back in various fashion trends.
Choose a nice basic model made of sturdy cotton which you can easily combine with a casual outfit. The cotton fabric makes the overshirt pleasant to wear on both cold and warmer days.

However, overshirts are available in more fabric variants. For example, opt for a rib fabric or go for linen or denim, everything is possible! An overshirt in a wool fabric is the most warm and functional variant, which you can wear during winter time for extra warmth. In the summer, opt for a linen fabric or an airy cotton. Not only is this very fashionable, the fabric is also ideal for the high summer temperatures. Denim is an all time favorite, you can see this as the modern, stylish denim jacket.

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Give your outfit a stylish twist by wearing a cool overshirt. Wear a sweater or turtleneck under the overshirt. But, it's also possible to create the perfect casual look in combination with a shirt or a polo. A pair of jeans with cool boots or sneakers underneath will complete your outfit!

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For a more formal look, opt for a fine knitted turtleneck under your overshirt, which you can combine with nice trousers and loafers underneath. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also choose to wear the overshirt in the same fabric as your trousers, creating a contemporary variant on the formal two-piece suit.