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Always the perfect fit

When you think of John Miller, you think of luxurious and stylish shirts. The breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabrics make you look flawless and stylish all day long. A correct fit is also absolutely necessary for this.

Different fits

Expect a variety of shirts in beautiful fabrics with excellent wearing comfort at John Miller. John Miller offers 3 different, very consistent fits. During the production of a John Miller shirt in our own European factory, 9 quality checks take place. Because of this we can proudly say that the fit is and will remain a constant factor.

The fits are:

When does your shirt fit perfectly?

  • Try on your shirt and take a seat. If your shirt is comfortable and there is no tension on the buttons, you have the right fit.
  • The collar size is correct if you can keep 1 or 2 fingers between your neck and the closed collar.
  • You must be able to bend your arms without creating tension on the sleeves.
  • Take good care of your shirts and prevent them from shrinking:
    • Wash the shirts at a maximum of 30 degrees
    • Wash the shirts at a low speed
    • Never put your shirts in the dryer, let them air dry on a hanger!

Personal made

John Miller Personal Made: for personal size adjustments

You can make specific adjustments to the fit with the Personal Made service. John Miller Personal Made offers tailor-made shirts. With this service you can make the perfect fitting shirt. You design your own shirt together with one of our Personal Made dealers. Wishes in terms of sleeve lengths, fits, choice of fabric and details such as your own initials are fulfilled according to your own taste.

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